Translation Services

  • Foreign Language Translations And Translation Services, UK.

Our translation manuscripts, reports and services are transcribed from audio, video and written material. All documents translated and transcribed are documented by native speakers of the required language from or into both target and source languages. If the source material recorded or documented relates to a specific field for example: legal, marketing or technical our translators will be chosen for their specialist knowledge pertaining to the terminology of the subject matter.

Language Translation Services

We supply language translations to both UK and international clients who require audio, video or written documents to be translated for a multitude of specialist areas and projects. The assignment can be large or small in size and general or technical in nature. We assist in eliminating the language barrier making communication a worldwide multiligual resource.
All written translations are documented and presented by the use of our professional templates and formatted to specific individual requirements. Types of written translation documents we can assist clients with are as follows:

  1. Legal Translations Including Reports
  2. Expert Witness Reports
  3. IVR Telephony
  4. TV And Radio Documentaries
  5. Media And Business Presentations
  6. Focus Group And Interview Translations
  7. Travel And Tourism Brochures Translated
  8. Hotel And Hospitality Brochures
  9. Marketing And Public Relations Material Translated And Transcribed
  10. Business Meetings And Conferences

Audio And Video Translation Services

We also have the facility to produce translated material from audio files and video files that are recorded on various formats. If the audio or video files are of a creative nature, our translation services can offer written translations for many projects including but not limited to instructional videos and open learning programmes.
As an additional service, we can translate and transcribe a chosen language and then source a voice over artist to present the translated audio video or document into a recording for:

  1. Historical Touring Guides
  2. Real Estate Tours
  3. Travel And Tourism
  4. Documentaries
  5. Websites

Legal Audio Translating Services

  • Our legal audio and video translating services transcribe foreign language expert witness reports, covert recordings, voicemail messages, tribunal meetings and litigation recordings to name a few. Many formats of material are translated for example a police 999 call, police interviews, court recordings, surveillance recordings and infidelity recordings. All case file work is conducted in the strictest of confidence under our non-disclosure privacy policy guidelines and therefore solicitors, barristers, criminal defence lawyers and the public can consult us and submit their files to us with confidence and privacy.

Foreign Languages

Our translation department has professional, experienced native speaking translators and linguists spanning the globe who are sourced with accuracy, proficiency and who remain culturally up-to-date with their written and oral language skills. This enables us to assist clients with a multitude of common and less common international languages and dialects. We can assist in most languages including the following:


  1. Greek, Scottish Gaelic, Croatian
  2. Dutch, German, Lithuanian, Czech
  3. Danish, English, Welsh, Irish Gaelic
  4. Italian, Macedonian, Norwegian
  5. Slovenian, Polish, Slovak
  6. Andalusian, Swedish, Serbian, Portuguese (European)
  7. Finnish, Hungarian, French, Catalan and Spanish

Asia And Global

  1. Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil
  2. Portuguese (Brazilian), Malay
  3. Potohari, Chinese (Traditional - Cantonese)
  4. Maltese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic
  5. Vietnamese, Thai, Punjabi, Romanian
  6. Latin, Ukrainian, Korean, Turkish
  7. Chinese (Simplified - Mandarin), Japanese, Hindi and Urdu

If you have an assignment that you wish to have translated to or from the English language, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to discuss your requests or requirements.