Forensic Audio Transcription Services

Audio Transcription Services and Audio Tape Transcription Service.

Our professional online transcription service offers two main forms of transcriptions, intelligent verbatim and unabridged verbatim. The type of transcription service you choose depends on individual needs however, we can accommodate and produce variants on each main type of verbatim transcription if required or per requested. An intelligent verbatim transcription for example would serve an interview recording. Below you will find more detailed information on this type of audio transcription service.

Transcription services

Intelligent Verbatim Transcription or Refined Verbatim Transcription
  • This style of audio transcription is popular with both interview transcriptions and focus group transcriptions. Tthe main content required in these categories focus on producing an accurate transcription in full of the prime conversation and therefore the coughs, "ahs" and "ums" etc are omitted from the transcript making it more refined and cohesive.
Unabridged Verbatim Transcription
  • Transcribing audio into unabridged verbatim documents means that all repetitions for example ahs, ums etc are included with expressions of the speakers emotion and background noises documented. An unabridged verbatim transcription also takes into account individual accents, regional accents, dialects, speech patterns, infact all that is audible on an audio recording. An example of this would be for legal transcriptions, court transcriptions and covert, investigation or surveillance recordings. The manuscripts are documented and produced by our team of professional legal audio transcribers so that the digital audio transcription meets with and complies with legal prerequisites.

Linguistic Transcriptions

Our team of professional transcribers incorporate a linguistic transcription service whereby our qualified experienced linguists and voice specialists focus on delivering transcripts that contain the phonetics of a word while analysing the articulatory and linguistic qualities of a speech pattern. This service can assist in the identification of a speakers wording when the audio is of poor quality and the audibility is masked or the conversation is overlapped by another speakers dialogue on an analogue or digital audio recording. Dialogue deciphering of a persons speech can fuse and meld together broken sentences and omits unnecessary inaudible markers found all too often in many secretarial transcriptions or standard audio typing services.

Audio Transcription Services

We are professionals in transcribing audio and producing forensic audio transcriptions. Recordings can be presented to us in many recording formats and file types as we have the facility to convert and transfer recordings to workable digital transcriptions format paying high attention to detail, producing quality and accurate audio transcriptions. Recording hardware, formats and file types we accept are as follows but not limited to:

  1. Mobile Phones, Voice Recorders
  2. Digital Dictaphones, Answering Machines
  3. Analogue Tape Voice Recorders
  4. VHS Tapes, CD's, DVD's, USB Drives
  5. Audio Cassettes, Mini Tapes, Micro Cassettes
  6. Podcasts, Voicemail Messages
  7. .wav, .aif, .wma, .amr, .m4a, .mp3, .3pg
  8. .mp4, .mov, .ogg, .flv

Should you require any further information pertaining to our services or assistance with your transcription project(s), please contact us so that we can discuss the matter in more detail.