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Difficult Audio Transcription and translation specialists

Audio Transcription Services UK are dedicated to assisting clients with digital audio transcriptions and translations that require extra attention to detail. Even though we offer general transcription services and translation services, we specialise in difficult audio or audio that requires cleaning due to poor quality sound or both unintelligible and inaudible dialogue. The combined services we offer aids investigations, forensic case files and evidentiary legal cases where continuity and authenticity are of paramount importance to the client.

Transcription Services

  • Our business moves with current legislative trends and specifications to produce intelligent, comprehensive and coherent transcripts for the legal services, forensic investigations, associations and businesses including private individuals. We accept digital audio files in all formats including but not limited to cassette tapes, micro cassettes and usb drives. We also have the facility to extract and transfer audio recordings from analogue and digital recording devices including dictaphones, smart phones and tapes. Our online audio transcription services deliver a wide quality choice of audio typing services and digital audio transcription services as follows:
  • Intelligent Verbatim
  • Unabridged Verbatim
  • Legal Audio Transcript
  • Forensic Linguistic Transcription
  • Transcribing Of Audio Tapes And Digital Media
  • Police Interviews, Court Recordings, Focus Groups And Interview Transcriptions

Translation Services.

Multicultural communities expedite the need for courts and the legal profession to effectively communicate without language as a barrier. Our translation services cover an expansive and diverse range of foreign languages to accommodate and bridge any possible language barriers. We will aim to facilitate for even the most specific of requests. Key emphasis is once again also placed on difficult audio recordings that require translating. Types of services offered including documents translated are as follows:

  • Legal Translation Service
  • Linguistic Translations
  • Forensic Audio
  • Legal Audio Files And Video Files
  • Foreign Language Translations
  • Translations To And From A Broad Range Of Languages

Audio Cleaning Services.

In many cases recording devices never compensate for environmental noise. As a result dialogue can be either hidden or masked by interfering, distracting noise and sounds making matters difficult when transcribing or translating recordings, in particular when it comes to evidentiary, legal or forensic resource purposes. To counteract this and supply a comprehensive service to all our clients including private individuals, we additonally have a department specifically dedicated to audio forensics whereby recordings are professionally cleaned, deciphered and enhanced. Unwanted noise and sound can be removed or reduced to expose vital dialogue originally hidden from the human ear. During the process of typing a transcription the file that is being listened to may require cleaning or enhancing around individual sentences or words to improve sectional dialogue audibility. Our transcribers will consult our forensic digital file enhancing department and request sections to be re-assessed and cleaned. At times our phonetic linguists will also assist in the deciphering of dialogue to be transcribed or translated.

For more information on this service you can visit our dedicated audio forensic website at:

Audio Forensic Services


All our clients are very important to us and we welcome and value your enquiry. If you would like further information regarding any of our services or require assistance with any transcription or translation requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to hear from you.